Core Values

We get serious about core values at CB. We believe hiring is about human interaction and meaningful relationships. It’s imperative that we get to know the real you, not the paper version. Candidates and clients alike are treated as real people, not pieces of paper or human capital. We want everyone to succeed, so every decision we make is based on one or more of the values we hold dear.


You take responsibility for your successes and your failures. You aren't afraid to jump in wherever you're needed; every job is your job. You feel responsible for the welfare of others and do everything you can to help them succeed. You contribute to solving problems, not just identifying them.


You fiercely defend the CB Culture. You have an unconditional commitment to developing the CB team. You have everyone's back, especially when the flight gets bumpy. You always get it done so you don't let your team down.

Obsess over Customer Service

You always find an answer. You make yourself available whenever you're needed. Your satisfaction is directly impacted by your customers' happiness. You treat every person you speak to like family.

Have integrity

You always do the right thing. You treat others with respect by telling them the truth, no matter what. You speak positively about others in public and in private. You never settle and always hold yourself to a high standard.

Love Monday mornings

You are willing to be yourself and accept others for who they are. You meet every challenge with positivity. You make an effort to create a fun work environment. You immerse yourself in the CB Culture.

blind faith

You trust your team to do the right thing. You are ready for change and approach it head on. You take risks and learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You turn constructive criticism into action.

Have grit

You embrace the grind. You get it done no matter what and stay humble when you do. You never give up and you hate to lose. You ignite and drive others to get it done with you.

Take the lead

You guide others to achieve their filltential. You impact and encourage your teammates. You build a legacy personally and professionally. You consistently expect and achieve high standards.

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