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Our Story

In 2003, Shane Ireland and Quinn Salamandra, former college roommates, needed a change. They wanted more. More out of themselves, their jobs, and their lives. They dreamed of loving Monday mornings and helping others fulfill their potential every day. And so, they followed their passion to help others, set up shop in Shane’s garage, and Corporate Brokers was born; not only to fulfill the potential of its founders, but also the potentials of its employees, consultants, and clients.



1. The business (internally & externally) of helping people & organizations realize & fulfill their highest potential.

2. The belief that an opportunity to fulfill potential will allow one to impact the world in a lasting way.

3. Daring to identify and fulfill one’s own potential.

Our Services

Corporate Brokers was made for you. To fulfill your potential and help you grow. In order to achieve that mission, we offer options for temporary placements, permanent placements, and managed services. Need a group of temporary consultants to help with a seasonal surge? We will find them all. Or are you looking for someone to stick around forever? Consider the match made. And if you need us to take the reins on a full-scale IT project with our in-house team, we’ve got your back. Each of these service offerings allows Corporate Brokers to properly and efficiently fulfill the potentials of our clients and candidates.

Beyond Resumes

Our philosophy from the start has involved building strong, lasting connections with real people. We know the value of candidates and clients add up to more than what can be listed out on a piece of paper. That means we work day in and day out to cultivate impactful personal relationships with everyone we meet. How else could we work with you to find your filltential? People are more than paper. Getting to know candidates beyond what’s on their resume ensures the perfect match, which makes candidates, clients, and us happy.

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